Watch Episode 2: Exercising Futlity

Watch Episode 2: Exercising Futlity

Episode 2: Exercising Futlity

Maybe Sunshine! • 8m 48s

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  • Episode 3: Vampire Lemonade

    In episode three, Lisa demands that Louis launch her web site, but he is afraid it will attract stalkers. Later she tries to have a band meeting at a local café, but can't grab her mates' attention. A vampire follows Lisa and makes an indecent proposal.

  • Episode 4: Rehearsal from Heck

    Lisa visits her gynecologist and learns about the wonders of aging. Later she has a run in with rival band, Late Cambrian. The bands must battle for their right to use the rehearsal space, and for their dignity, the only way they know how.

  • Episode 5: Bad Guys

    Lisa reminisces about all her crappy Exes and her beloved deceased band-mates after attending yet another funeral. Missy consoles her and promises to meet her at a club later to deal with rival band Late Cambrian.