Girls Gone Grimm

Girls Gone Grimm

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Girls Gone Grimm

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  • Adieux-Dames

    A dreamy silent movie style film about love, loss and hallucinations. Directed by cult filmmaker Lisa Hammer.

    "A surreal, voyeuristic encounter of what appears to be a woman's suicide dance..." -Film Threat Magazine

  • Rumpelstiltskin 2

    An experimental fairy tale film where a mother is in constant fear of losing her son to an evil gnome.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    A surreal silent movie about inner and outer beauty, love and loss. A girl is held captive by a nightmare beast who is in love with her.

  • The Misfortunes of Miss Crappleshire

    A spoof on Jane Austin stories. Miss Crappleshire just can't get a break!

  • NFSF

    A Gothic rock opera involving star-crossed lovers from different worlds who cannot leave their kind to be together. One lover makes the ultimate sacrifice.

    Not Farewell, Sweet Flesh
    "Sweet Flesh has that 'Romeo and Juliet', very Baroque, Hammer Film look to it. Almost Ken Russel-esque."
    - Fi...

  • Empire of Ache

    A girl is trapped in an asylum with an evil nurse, puppets and ghosts. Shot in German Expressionist Silent Movie style, the film is whimsical, dark and surreal. Empire of Ache was recently acquired by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles as part of their feminist film collection, curated by Miranda Ju...

  • Jorinda and Joringel

    Inspired by the Grimms Fairy Tale, Jorinda and Joringel is a story about star-crossed lovers who are ensnared in the trap of a sensual witch. Shot in a silent-movie style, the film blends the mystery of a Maya Deren film with the beauty of a German Expressionist silent film.

    Jorinda and Joring...

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