Two insane brothers from bible-belt USA pray so hard they get a visit from their beloved Virgin Mary.
Unfortunately, "Mary" is actually an alien impostor bent on collecting human pus by the bucket-loads to fuel her spaceship, and these two lunatics are the perfect "workers-for-Jesus" to carry out her evil deeds. Included are hilarious musical numbers and lots of low-budget gore.

"Think of Busby Berkeley having a very, very bad acid trip" - Moe Works At Wal-Mart Magazine

"Director Lisa (Hammer) has certainly come up with something---I'm not sure WHAT exactly it is, but there's a streak of warped genius running throughout it....It's obvious that Lisa must've had a severe Catholic school upbringing, or some similar shock to the nervous system when she was young. And her scathing sense of humor is prevalent in every frame. Lisa incorporates several elegant, hallucinogenic sequences into the tale. And her more evil moments capture a dark, dreamlike realm that fits beautifully within the murderous scenario. A mind-boggling saga!!!" -Shock Cinema

Music by Ant Farm, Sisyphus Autopsy, the Lust Wall, Hemroid Hank, Browniehead and many more!

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  • Pus$bucket

    Two insane bible-belt brothers are visited by aliens who they mistake as the Virgin Mary. The aliens demand the brothers kill people and collect the pus in a bucket to fuel their spaceship. Did we mention it's a musical?

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