Watch Episode 1: NewTron Bomb

Watch Episode 1: NewTron Bomb

Episode 1: NewTron Bomb

Maybe Sunshine! • 9m 54s

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  • Episode 2: Exercising Futlity

    Lisa is called in to meet NewTron's record label, in a limo in the middle of nowhere. Diego Diego wheels and deals her into the poor house. The label head, Victor Krieg decides to overhaul Lisa's look and make her more trendy. Lisa realizes the futility of everything.

  • Episode 3: Vampire Lemonade

    In episode three, Lisa demands that Louis launch her web site, but he is afraid it will attract stalkers. Later she tries to have a band meeting at a local café, but can't grab her mates' attention. A vampire follows Lisa and makes an indecent proposal.

  • Episode 4: Rehearsal from Heck

    Lisa visits her gynecologist and learns about the wonders of aging. Later she has a run in with rival band, Late Cambrian. The bands must battle for their right to use the rehearsal space, and for their dignity, the only way they know how.