• Period Piece

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    An adolescent girl's family teaches her about her period. A loving satire from a 1975 sex education film for "trainables."

    The advent of modern psychology brought to us the phenomenon of videos for "trainables." During the 1970s, the term "trainables" was used to describe those individuals wit...

  • Pus$Bucket
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    Two insane brothers from bible-belt USA pray so hard they get a visit from their beloved Virgin Mary.
    Unfortunately, "Mary" is actually an alien impostor bent on collecting human pus by the bucket-loads to fuel her spaceship, and these two lunatics are the perfect "workers-for-Jesus" to carry ou...

  • Maybe Sunshine!

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    Maybe Sunshine is a "coming-of-middle age" story about a 40 something rock queen (Lisa Hammer, Triana Orpheus on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros.) who builds a new band from scratch after the disastrous break-up of her last band a decade earlier. She was a big deal in the 90’s, but now she is 20 ye...

  • Girls Gone Grimm

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    A collection of Hammer's "German Expressionist" style eerie, beautiful , Gothic short films about women trapped in frightening fairy tales!

    "Welcome to the Elaborate Empire of Ache. Herein there are no words. There is no color. Everything you see hides behind the dust, scratches, and grain of ...

  • Pox
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    The Anti-Christ is here on Earth - and he needs to find a spa! From underground gothic filmmaker Lisa Hammer - ("Pus$bucket", "The Venture Bros") comes a touching Anti-Christ coming-of-age tale.

    Pox was meant to be the Anti-Christ, but his star is waning and his talk show's ratings are way dow...

  • Crawley
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    A boy is afflicted by obsessive-compulsive disorder in a serious way. Dark and hauntingly funny, Crawley was co-directed by Lisa Hammer and Ben Edlund (The Tick).

    "A disturbing look at OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Crawley succeeds in taking viewers into
    the mind of someone afflicted a ...

  • Turn of the Century

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    A freak-show of a New York City cable-access TV program from the roaring 90's. Dame Darcy hosts this mad world of dolls, ghosts, murder-ballads, Vaudeville, Burlesque and carnival side show performances. Guest starring Courtney Love, Tiny Tim and Thurston Moore. Directed by cult filmmaker Lisa Ha...